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Continuous water supply means reliability and resilience of your network to provide customers with drinking water even in extreme situations.

The water management plan includes three strategic dimensions for your future water supply: pressure management, design strategy and water quality.

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The 4 steps:
Monitoring strategy
Water resources
mgt plan
Pressure mgt – Quality – Design
marking & Evaluation

Monitoring strategy

The continuous supply of drinking water to its customers is the essence for a water supply company. The reliability and resilience of the network to provide customers with water in normal situations ... and more importantly, also in extreme situations such as fire, drought ... is one of the major challenges. An adequate and efficient water management plan that anticipates extreme situations is an absolute must, and starts with an appropriate monitoring strategy.
HydroScan can guide you in determining your appropriate monitoring strategy. 
We recommend the use of software InfoWorks WS Pro from Innovyze. With our subsidiary InneauTech as exclusive distributor for Innovyze in the Benelux, we help you with all your questions.
The most important aspects of your monitoring strategy:
  • Real-time (measurement or status) collection of data on variations in available water sources, water resources, water quality and water demand
  • Data storage strategy 
  • Quality control of data collection for water flows, water levels and pressures
  • Data exchange strategy including the development of APIs 
  • Setting up the measurement campaign, support and quality control

Drinking water resources management plan

The water management plan includes three strategic dimensions for your future water supply: pressure management, design strategy and water quality. 

With hydraulic modelling we define impacts and conditions of all possible future scenarios, both for average evolutions of demand as well as extreme situations. 
Our hydraulic modelling ensures optimization of your pressure management: optimization of pressure reduction valves, water hammer and pump operation. 

Are included, among other things: Source management: evaluation of variations in source stock and demand
  • (Realtime) prediction of the consumption pattern, among other things based on the weather forecast
  • Optimal use of storage and pumping and interactions between storage facilities, including the capacity of the local loop
  • Analysis of pump failures
  • Impact of pressure management on leak management

Pressure management – Water quality & design

Pressure management strategy
  • Hydraulic modelling (Infoworks WS Pro) for pressure management and optimization, including model set-up, demand statistics and boundary conditions
  • Calibration of hydraulic models based on (pressure) measurement campaigns
  • Optimization of pressure reducing valves
  • Water impact modelling
  • Impact of pressure management strategy on proactive leak management
Design strategy
We develop a design strategy for the renewal and expansion of new distribution pipelines based on hydraulic modelling. 

With the design strategy we determine:
  • The optimal pressure in the system so as to:
    • maximize customer satisfaction
    • minimize investments
    • minimize energy consumption
    • minimize the burden on leak management
  • The water quality strategy with:
    • Maintaining a minimum water velocity in the network
    • Minimization of load losses in the system
      Important to guarantee a minimum hydropower at fire hydrants
    • Determination of the total dwell times in the system
    • Determination of rinsing schedules 
  • Priorities in asset management and asset data management
The development of the design strategy includes following dimensions:
  • Hydraulic modelling for network design and scenario execution, network optimization and bottleneck detection 
  • Hydrant capacity checks and optimizations (using hydraulic modelling)
  • Virtual connection analysis to evaluate the impact of shutting down specific pipes
  • Impact on leak management
  • Impact on asset management and asset data management

Software InfoWorks WS Pro from Innovyze
The software InfoWorks WS Pro provides you with the necessary insights and helps you optimally with the design strategy. 

HydroScan's subsidiary InneauTech guides you in the optimal deployment of the software.

When setting your asset management priorities, InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Planner are the ideal software to support you.
Water quality strategy
Partial aspects:
  • Material selection and its impact on water quality
  • Statistical processing of water quality measurements in correlation with asset infrastructure information
  • Hydraulic modelling for aspects of water quality such as retention times
  • Flushing plans, including modelling
  • Crisis management, including modelling support (InfoWorks WS Pro)

Benchmarking & Evaluation

Evaluation of the service levels for water quantity and water quality leads to permanent adjustment and further optimization. This completes the circle:
  • Adjustment of the monitoring strategy
  • Update of the water resources management plan
In broader context: Interaction with network asset management cycle
The pressure management strategy, water quality and the design strategy have their impact on and interactions with the asset management plan. We take the service levels into account in the asset management to ensure an optimal balance between investment and customer satisfaction.

In broader context: Interaction with proactive leak management cycle
The pressure management strategy has its impact on and interactions with leak management. An integrated approach to pressure and leak management delivers optimum customer comfort with minimal leakage losses.

Know more about proactive leak management?

More about the appropriate software:

Innovyze Info360
Innovyze InfoWorks WS Pro

3 management cycles for water supply networks

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