Pilot project Antwerp Fire and Rescue Service – In collaboration with Imec and Vito

NEWS: 19 june 2019

At 16:10 Flood4Cast® predicted flooding in the streets of Ekeren from 18:00.

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Real-time flood forecasting - Flood4Cast®

  • Predicts upcoming urban flooding up to 3 hours in advance in real time and with great accuracy
  • Updates every 5 minutes
  • Localises the upcoming flooding with precision up to street level
  • Is a user-friendly Decision Support System – Developed in collaboration with Imec and Vito
  • Visualises upcoming scenarios in a local or web viewer
  • Generates alarms to the makers

Main benefits

Fire brigade can intervene proactively in case of flash floods

Forecasts of flood risk down at street level enable the fire brigade to make better decisions and take proactive action:
  • Further improve the deployment of intervention teams where they are needed the most
  • Conduct preventive on-the-spot visits to bring in sandbags and assist residents
  • Timely notify residents of potential flooding

More in detail

Flood4Cast® - How to get started

Flood forecast map at city/municipality level

Flood forecast map at city/municipality level

Flood forecast map at city district level

Flood forecast map at city district level

Flood forecast map at street level

Flood forecast map at street level

Reference visuals from pilot in Antwerp – Images from IMEC viewer.

Limited upfront data required

  • Georeferenced flood maps for urban areas with different return periods (pre-processed)
  • Real-time meteorological data from C-band rainfall radar
  • GIS data about topography and preferably also about the main urban drainage network layout

With the required data available, HydroScan can set up Flood4Cast® in your region or city within a period of 3 months.

Optionally, HydroScan can provide integration of geographical viewing on your IT platform.

In operation:

  • Real-time forecasting with HydroScan’s algorithm based on real-time meteorological data combined with pre-processed pluvial flood scenario maps
  • Optionally, the inclusion of real-time sensor tracking of water levels in rivers and sewers
  • Updates every 5 minutes
  • Decision Support System
    Alarm process in place according to agreed protocols and emergency plans

Flood4Cast® is the result of a ‘smart assemblage’ of Internet of Things technologies, state-of-the-art modelling tools and 15 years of HydroScan water modelling expertise.

First reference case

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