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  • December 21st, 2020
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Innovation engineer with hydrological/hydraulical background and passion for IT/Software

As an innovation engineer, you will work on the development of 'smart water' technologies, particularly software solutions, for real-time monitoring and forecasting of water-related problems.

Innovation engineer with hydrological/hydraulical background and passion for IT/Software


Innovation engineer with hydrological/hydraulical background and passion for IT/Software

As part of the expansion of its innovation department, HydroScan is looking for a driven innovation engineer with a hydrological/hydraulical background and passion for IT and software.

As an innovation engineer, you will work on the development of 'smart water' technologies, particularly software solutions, for real-time monitoring and forecasting of water-related problems.
Job content
  • You are part of the innovation team and work together with internal clients such as the product owner, business development and operations, and external software developers
  • You recommend content outlines and define a concept of technology/software solution, in consultation with your department head  
  • You draw up a project plan and align it with your department head
  • You develop parts of the total solution yourself and supervise external software development
  • You specialize yourself in:
    • analysis and processing of time series and GIS data using standard software and scripting (Python, R ...)
    • Model concepts and modelling of the water system (surface water, sewage, drinking water, groundwater) using both physics-based and data-driven models.
    • evaluation of model prediction by means of measurements or comparison with other models and subsequent optimisations
  • You coordinate and attend meetings with colleagues and external partners, you present your findings in an orderly manner and you provide feedback to other stakeholders
  • You closely follow evolutions in state-of-the-art hydrological and hydraulic modelling, you anticipate future needs and translate these into specifications for setting up innovative services and products
Your profile
  • You have a master's degree in (bio)engineering sciences
  • You have a PhD/doctoral degree or 4 years of relevant professional experience 
  • You have a strong knowledge of programming (Python) and data management 
  • You have a good knowledge of modelling the water system 
  • You have experience with data collection and data processing, preferably in a water-related context
  • You have a good knowledge of and experience with GIS
  • Knowledge of machine learning and AI are an added value
  • You are eager to learn and get positive energy from searching for new solutions and exploring the unknown
  • You are a dynamic person with a customer-oriented attitude
  • You are an initiator who can work independently and purposefully
  • You have an analytical mind and a high dose of creativity
  • You are communicative and have a command of the English language, both orally and in writing. Knowledge of Dutch and/or French is an added value
What HydroScan offers
  • Responsibilities from day one. You will be assigned your project and responsibilities and at the same time receive the necessary coaching and mentorship
  • Opportunities to apply your knowledge and curiosity to stimulating challenges
  • A competitive salary complemented by a wide range of fringe benefits 
  • The possibility to contribute to more sustainable water management
  • A dynamic and respectful working environment
  • Growing company fully committed to innovation
  • A motivating and open corporate culture. Read what our employees have to say for themselves below
How to apply
Interested in joining our team? Send your CV and motivation letter by 15 January 2021, stating the position and your name, to info(at)hydroscan.be.


Availability of water and security of supply are a huge challenge in tomorrow's world. In addition, climate change and urbanisation mean that people are increasingly facing extreme situations of flooding and drought ...

HydroScan is an independent Belgian company, founded in 2003 and a pioneer in integrated water modelling. Today, we are active in the water sector as a leading expert in holistic, integrated and accelerated solutions for more sustainable and cost-effective water management.

In addition to consultancy, we develop and commercialise 'smart water' technologies for real-time monitoring and forecasting of water-related problems. As expert water engineers, we apply our know-how in advanced modelling and in unique combination with smart, real-time alarm systems in the Cloud. Recent in-house developments include the leak detection software LeakRedux® and Flood4Cast® for the prediction of urban floods.

Our most important result areas for our customers:
  • Reduction of non-billable water consumption through leak detection software and asset management at water supply companies
  • Cost-saving sewer and asset management
  • Accurate and real-time forecasting of floods and risk management 
  • Rainwater plans, solution scenarios and remedial measures, including integrated and sustainable urban drainage systems 
  • Smart on-site water management (industry and residential sites) including water audits, management of local water infrastructure, optimal use of natural water resources, optimal reuse ...

Our clients are local authorities and their partnerships (water intermunicipal companies, municipalities, provinces...), water supply companies, industry and other private partners, both local and international.

Today, we are an internationally oriented group with more than 30 enthusiastic and highly specialised employees in the water domain.

We have offices in Leuven, Ghent, Antwerp and Gembloux

Working at HydroScan means working in a motivating and open company culture. What do the employees themselves say?

What do the employees really appreciate about HydroScan? The five most important reasons why current employees choose HydroScan? What replied our employees themselves during an internal survey: 

Challenging projects in different areas of expertise
In terms of job content, our water engineers can really do their thing at HydroScan, with the necessary challenges in various areas of integrated water management, such as rainwater plans, flood forecasting, hydraulic modelling, solution scenarios and remedial measures such as infiltration techniques, collective buffering, leak detection, real-time alarm systems ...

Social importance
Water is a scarce commodity. Reducing drinking water losses, lowering water consumption and using rainwater sustainably are professional activities that contribute to a more sustainable society.

Young and dynamic team
The average age at HydroScan is 32, with an ideal mix of young talent and experienced experts. There is a collegial working atmosphere and a real team spirit. 

HydroScan employees can handle their working time flexibly. For example, they can do an errand during the working day or go to the hairdresser and work longer hours at other times.    

Freedom within a structure
Employees appreciate being able to work independently, to find the necessary freedom within a given framework.

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