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Pro-active master planning

Master planning and management of the drinking water network

Where are the broken or leaking pipes, and the malfunctioning pumping stations? Sufficient supply security? When to replace outdated drinking water pipes and how? Can a replacement investment or renovation be postponed? Would local interventions be effective? How do you organize maintenance at the lowest possible cost, but still in a sustainable and focused manner? What is the required investment budget for the next 10 years? Many fair questions.

Highly focused drinking water asset management, THE solution

The good news: preventive maintenance of 20 % of the pipeline infrastructure prevents 80 % of the risks of repair costs. Highly focused and preventive drinking water assets management is the perfect basis for reducing maintenance costs!

HydroScan has developed a unique approach to:
  • Localize the critical assets in a drinking water network;
  • Draw up a focused preventive maintenance plan.
The result: A sustainable and highly cost-effective master plan including focused preventive maintenance of your valuable assets!

The HydroScan approach

Our step-by-step approach:
  • Our step-by-step approach:
  • The general location of the drinking water network assets;
  • The strategic environmental factors, such as accessibility, location in a city centre, busy traffic, supply security, etc.
  • Defining the strategic important of each asset;
  • Examining the structural, hydraulic and ecological condition of the drinking water network using state-of-the-art technologies and HydroScan’s own method and expertise;
  • Defining the most critical drinking water assets based on a diagnosis;
  • Defining high-priority actions, such as preventive monitoring, leakage loss detection, renovation, replacement, etc;
  • Budgeting and creating a master plan for several years for drinking water assets management;

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Stopping leaks

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