On behalf of InneauTech, the software and technology division of HydroScan group, HydroScan engineers are introducing a new training session about Infoworks ICM: 2D sewer and river modelling.

The training session will demonstrate how the software works and how to design a 2D model in InfoWorks ICM.

The content of the training session: Introduction to 2D modelling, 1D-2D pipe modelling, Analysing 2D results, Advanced mesh building and editing, Building a river reach and connecting to 2D, Using GIS layers to create advanced meshes, Direct rainfall modelling and infiltration zones, 2D linear structures, Time-varying geometry to represent breaches

The training sessions take 2 days and can be given in French or English, at HydroScan’s offices or on your premises.

For more information, please contact gregory.herman@hydroscan.be.

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