LeakRedux®, a smart, real-time data-driven system

Stopping leaks has never been more economically attractive

HydroScan LeakRedux® is a smart, real-time data-driven system that:

  • detects invisible leaks
  • predicts the most economical time for repairing them
  • narrows down the leak search zone
HydroScan looks after the set-up, implementation and trainingof your staff.

HydroScan is 1 of the 13 participants EUROPEAN SCALING CIRCULAR BUSINESS 2018
European Scaling Circular Business 2018

Main benefits

LeakRedux® drives spectacular reduction of non-revenue water and operational efficiencies

  • Enables spectacular reduction of non-revenue water: helps save millions of euros
  • Outstanding payback after 1 to 3 years
  • Prediction of the most economical time for repair of invisible leaks
  • Real-time detection means faster intervention when major leaks appear
  • Substantially lower costs for leak finding (sweeping)
  • Functions without smart meters at household level so installation costs are reduced to a fraction
  • Triggers more accurate and pro-active master planning and lifecycle asset management

More in detail

How LeakRedux® works, how HydroScan takes care of the implementation

reduction of non-revenue water

With a concise diagnosis of your water supply network, HydroScan

  • designs your customised solution
  • and predicts your potential annual savings.


  • HydroScan LeakRedux® can be operational within 3 to 6 months
  • Limited test zones or gradual implementation are possible
  • We look after the set-up, implementation and training of your staff
  • We also help you with any additional/related service you desire

How it works:

Set-up and start-up:

  • District Metering Areas (DMA) divide the water supply network
  • Flow meters monitor the DMA
    HydroScan can help if you don’t yet have flow meters in place.
  • Flow meters have telemetry connection to Scada or any other kind of data platform.
    If no data platform is available yet, LeakRedux’s own data platform will take over.
  • At the start-up, LeakRedux® identifies a Fingerprint for every DMA. The Fingerprints are based on a daily variation flow pattern.
leakRedux® identifies a Fingerprint for every DMA

leakRedux® identifies a Fingerprint for every DMA.

LeakRedux® delivers real-time alerts

LeakRedux® delivers real-time alerts.

In operation

The LeakRedux® software system is connected to the Cloud and receives online, real-time data from the flow meters.

  • delivers real-time alerts when a significant leak arises/originates
  • predicts the most economical time for repairing even small leaks
  • localises which zone of the DMA the leak is in, which significantly narrows down the leak search zone (sweeping) and thus substantially reduces the costs of finding leaks


  • Hydroscan’s operational services department can take care of the leak search (sweeping)
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leak search (sweeping)

HydroScan can also take care of the leak search (Sweeping).

Reference cases

First industrial uses of LeakRedux® leak detection:

Related services

We help you with an integrated approach or a very specific demand

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