We would like to inform you about the measures we have implemented at HydroScan in order to offer you maximum continuity of our services, while at the same time keeping social distance and taking all safety measures with the utmost care in order to further control the Coronavirus together.

An overview of the most important measures:

  • In the offices we have taken all the appropriate safety measures: plexi walls between office desks, limitation of the number of people per room to respect social distancing, provision of mouth masks and alcohol gel ...
  • Our employees work still mainly from home. The necessary IT infrastructure and support is available. Our teams are permanently online with our servers. All continuity is assured. You as a customer can reach everyone online and/or by phone as before.
  • We focus on video conference meetings and calls with Microsoft Teams/Skype or any other platform. Physical work meetings are still limited and only with small groups. All related safety measures are implemented in all our offices.
  • We advise our employees to avoid public transport during rush hours. To this end, the necessary work meetings take place in the late morning or early afternoon. We spread the flexible working hours and the lunch breaks.
  • We ask our people to take contact with your employees how best to ensure the continuity of each individual project. This includes, among other things:

When a working meeting does not take place, replace it with a conference call via Skype/Other platform when necessary for the continuation of your project.
Anticipate briefings and collection of all data necessary for the continuity of a project in advance. So that any absence and/or inaccessibility is not leading to delay. 

We do everything possible to ensure the continuity of your projects in the best possible way. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  

In the meantime, we look forward to better and healthier times, 
Yours sincerely,

Patrick Swartenbroekx
Managing Director

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